Please respect Bryson’s privacy


Man, talk about a blog that aged well!


Over here, at TMB, we were on team Fuck Bryson before it was cool.  On behalf of this brand, I want to formally welcome the rest of golf fans to the team.  


Each week he gets more and more unbearable.  Whether it be the announcers creaming their pants because he spent the last 4 months eating nothing but cake and pizza rolls to add 30 pounds of fat that they somehow think is muscle, to bitching about a camera recording a bad shot, it all screams one thing.  FUCK BRYSON DECHAMBEAU.  


You want to worry about your brand?  There’s only one person who can control that image, and that’s your own dumbass.  You’re in the spotlight every time you’re on the course.  You know this.  Maybe your brand wouldn’t have a negative image if you weren’t constantly acting like a prima donna little prick.


I wish the PGA Tour would give Bryson the privacy he wants, and the coverage he deserves.  Don’t air a single one of his shots.  Don’t give him a second of screen time.  Don’t even say his name.  Treat his name on the leaderboards like Ohio State treats the letter M.  If he wins, leave the trophy next to his rental call and pack up shop.  No interviews.  No photo ops.  Because, you know, privacy.  


I hope the Premiere Golf League actually happens and Bryson is the first one to give up his tour card and join.  And when he does, no one else joins.  He can have all the privacy and control over his brand that he desires.


Fuck Bryson DeChambeau