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The League was founded with awesomeness in 2012 in Bismarck, North Dakota. The League is made up of 10 like minded individuals who consider fantasy football more than a game. This website was created in 2012 as a supplement to the Yahoo Fantasy Football website message board. is currently being used as a platform to keep in touch as league members have moved away from Bismarck, North Dakota. The Message Board currently keeps blog posts between league members and fantasy football statistics. Fantasy football league statistics by season and all time fantasy football records are kept in the Hall of Fame and Archive Sections. Statistical categories include high score, high week score, low score, low week score, season wins, season losses, and number of fantasy football roster moves. Statistics are tracked by season and all time records are kept to track the progress of the fantasy football league. The League has also created a list of governing rules for Fantasy Football that are kept in the form of our constitution. The Fantasy Football Constitution is a collaborative document that can be changed and amended as seen fit by the Fantasy Football League Members. The Message Board also hosts the online T-shirt store from called League Gear. The League Gear is inspired by our Fantasy Football members and the proceeds are used to buy food for our fantasy football get togethers.