Chapter 1 - League Members & Officials

1-01 League Members

1-01-01   The league will consist of 10 dedicated members and when referenced collectively shall be done so as "the league".

1-01-02  A majority shall be 6 of 10 members in the same location via actual ass in the room or via face time (conference room also acceptable). Shall be know from this point forward as "proper league majority approval".

1-01-03  Additions to the league can only by done via a motion by a current league member in good standing, seconded by a current league member in good standing, and then approved by a proper league majority.

1-01-04  Removals from the league are for violations that are serious as fuck such as but not limited to actions detrimental to the league, misconduct unbecoming of a league member, neglect and/or blowing off the draft to hang out at a softball tournament.

1-01-05  Due to the sensitive and serious nature surrounding removals they require a 8 out of 9 vote by league members in good standing and removal must be only be recommended by league officials via a Goodell style disciplinary hearing. (see disciplinary hearing below)

1-01-06  At any time a team owner may voluntarily remove themselves from the league or "retire" from league ownership. If approved by the league the retiree may retain league status including message board access and invites to all league events. If approved by the league, retirement party would be thrown league style.

1-01-07 It the event we have a retiree situation mid season an emergency league meeting will be called to determine the best course of action for team management.

1-02 League Officials

1-02-01 The day to day operations of the league shall be managed by 4 elected positions. The Commissioner ("The Commish") , Vice Commissioner ("VC"), The Treasurer ("The Treasurer") and The Side Bet Commissioner ("SBC). The expectations and responsibilities will be outlined later in Section 1-02.

1-02-02  League officials are elected and the beginning of each season at the draft via a motion by a league member in good standing, a second by a league member in good standing and approved by a league majority (nominee excluded from voting) Any current league member in good standing with at least 3 years of continuous league membership is eligible and may request nomination at the Draft. In the event there is no motion then the current league official will remain in said position.

1-02-03  League officials may be removed from their position at any time for actions detrimental to the league, misconduct unbecoming of a league member, and/or neglect. Removal from position requires a motion by a league member in good standing, a second by a league member in good standing and approval by 7 of 9 members.

1-02-04  The Commish - The overseer. The Commish is responsible for organizing league activities such as OLA's (off season league activities), super bowl party, draft party, ect (may be delegated), keeping peace between league members, setting up yahoo draft, and presiding over League meetings.

1-02-05  The VC - backup to the Commish. Shall step in if the Commish is unable to perform the duties and responsibilities outlined in 1-02-04 due to illness or absence . In addition the VC shall be responsible for Message Board and moderation and upkeep as well as income generation for the league.

1-02-06  The Treasurer shall be be responsible for duties outlined in 1-02-04 in the event both commish and VC are unable to perform them (christ help us if this is ever the case). In addition the Treasurer shall be responsible for collection or league entry fees, managing the dynasty fund responsibly, payouts at the conclusion of the season, and collection of any side bet losses or imposed league fines. A current balance of any monies shall be available upon request by a league member and official statements shall be posted to the Message Board as they become available. Also the treasurer is responsible to make sure there is sufficient $1 bills available at all OLA's for wagering.

1-02-07 The Side Bet Commissioner - due to the high volume of sidebets (bravo by the way gentleman) a side bet commissioner was needed to oversee side bets. All side bets must be approved by the SBC (in the event he is unavailable the commish, vc, or treasurer can approve) to be deemed official. The SBC will be the official in any side bets and will determine a winner if it comes into question. SBC is also responsible for the side bettors fulfilling the losing side of a given side bet in a timely manner.

Chapter 2 - League Entry Fees, Payouts, and Dynasty Fund 

2-01 Entry Fee

2-01-01  League entry fee will be $200 per person per season. $175 will go toward the current season payout (see below) $25 will be deposited in the Dynasty Fund ( see below). League fee amount and fee structure are subject to change in the offseason with proper majority league approval.

2-02 Payout Structure 

2-02-01  The league will award cash prizes to the top 3 finishers in the league playoffs, the regular season high scorer, and the regular season weekly high score winner. Monetary values are as follows.

League Champion - $750

1st loser - $360

3rd place - $200

season high score - $300

Weekly High Score - $10 Per Week (14 Total)

2-02-02  The dollar amounts above shall be considered actual payment amounts pending verification all owners have paid their entry fee.

2-02-03  Acceptable payment methods are cash, cashiers check, money order, paypal transfer or credit / debit card via the paypal option on the homepage of the Any personal check for league entry fee must be approved by league majority.

2-03 The Dynasty Fund

2-03-01  As stated in 1-02-06 the treasurer shall maintain a dynasty fund that will continue to build until an owner wins back to back championships resulting in a payout of the dynasty fund in its entirety to the champion.

2-03-02  Any fines, side bet losses or league revenue not otherwise pre-designated shall be deposited into the dynasty fund.

2-03-03  Any interest accrued by the dynasty fund shall remain in the fund.

2-03-04  Any player removed from the league via the league removal process stated in 1-01-05 shall forfeit all previously deposited league entry fees and dynasty fund monies.

Chapter 3 - Draft

3-01 Draft Structure
3-01-01  This will be a LIVE draft and a reasonable effort must be made to attend. An absence from the draft will require a review by league officials to deem the absence excused or unexcused. (hanging out after softball tournaments falls in the unexcused category). Un-excused absences will face punishments up to and including league removal from the league.
3-01-02  The draft will be be a 15 round snake draft with the following roster positions -  (QB,RB,RB,WR,WR,TE,W/R,K,DEF,BN,BN,BN,BN,BN,BN)
3-01-03  The draft order shall be determined by a contest of sorts consisting of different events obstacle course style with events/obstacles that test both physical and drinking abilities. The event shall be timed and or judged by an independent and non biased 3rd party. In the event no such party is available one may be appointed with proper league majority approval. Winner of the event will get to select their draft position and that will continue until all 10 teams have selected a draft position.
3-01-04  Upon completion the teams will be ranked according to score/ time and the first place finisher shall receive the first choice of draft position and so on down the list. This will determine draft order.
3-01-04  Before any team owner makes their first round pick a minimum of 2 beers must be consumed.
3-01-05  A minimum of 4 beers (daily total) must be consumed prior to the 15th and final pick being made.
3-01-06  If either 3-01-04 or 3-01-05 are a problem then fuck don't belong in this league anyway.
3-01-07  The reigning Toilet Bowl Bitch referred to from here on as TBB shall be required to bring a minimum of one 24pk of Bud Light. Failure to comply will result in a title wave of shit and ridicule that wouldn't be wished on anyone (except persons named Shawn or Shaun, fuck those guys)
3-01-08  **AMMENDED PRIOR TO 2017 SEASON** The draft will take place on yahoo via a live stickerboard draft and will follow standard scoring.
3-01-09  1 minute and 30 second draft time. The officers will be responsible for the enforcement of the time limit.
3-01-10  Draft aids are allowed and may be in the form of websites, paid memberships, print materials ect.
03-01-11 The finishing order of the event described in 3-01-03 shall determine the initial waiver order to begin the season.

Chapter 4 - Season Configuration

4-01 Regular Season 
4-01-01  **AMMENDED PRIOR TO 2021 SEASON** The regular season will consist of weeks 1-13 1-14 of the regular NFL season and will be further known as "the regular season"
4-01-02  The yahoo "can't cut list" will be observed
4-02 Playoffs
4-02-01  **AMMENDED PRIOR TO 2017 SEASON**  After the regular season concludes the top 8 teams top 6 will proceed to the playoffs. The four teams not making the playoffs will enter the toilet bowl. (see below)
4-02-02  All ties will be broken by yahoo and the yahoo tie breaker process will be followed. Best regular season record vs opponent wins.
4-02-03  All rosters of eliminated teams will be locked.
4-02-03 Playoff reseeding will be enabled. If you don't know what that is that's fine, you probably won't be there to worry about it.
4-03  Deadlines, Waivers, and Trades
4-03-01  Trade Deadline will be at the end of the regular season.
4-03-02  Trades will have a 2 day waiting period with league voting for vetos. No Bull Shit trade vetoing like we had in 2012.
4-03-03  The waiver will follow a continual rolling list and have a 2 day wait time.
4-03-04  Weekly waivers will run Sunday - Tuesday
4-03-05 No limit to the number of waiver moves or trades
4-04 Toilet Bowl
4-04-01  **AMMENDED PRIOR TO 2017 SEASON** The remaining 2 4 teams that do not make the playoffs will enter "the toilet bowl."
4-04-02  Once in the toilet bowl insults and ridicule is mandatory
4-04-03  The format for the toilet bowl will be a 3 week running total score updated on the message board.
4-04-03  Add/Drops will not be permitted by a team in the toilet bowl
4-04-04  Rosters may be arranged week to week however rosters lock at game time thursday for applicable players and at 12:00pm on sunday for remaining players.
4-04-05  Screenshots will be taken of lineups at appropriate times by non-toilet teams to ensure compliance

Chapter 5 - Trophies and Responsibilities

5-01 Trophies 
5-01-01  The champion of the league will be crowned the Rhoda Bowl Champion and will receive the beloved rhoda trophy where their name will be forever engraved.
5-01-02  Loser of the toilet bowl will be crowned toilet bowl bitch and will forever be remembered as a toilet bowl bitch. The newly crowned toilet bowl bitch will receive the official toilet seat trophy with a league chosen picture and the losers name engraved at the losers expense.
5-01-03  The time between the fantasy football super bowl and the actual super bowl will be a lame duck period. Actual passing of the trophies will take place at a league sanctioned super bowl party.
5-01-04 Engraving of the trophies will be the responsibility of the previous years trophy holder.
5-01-05  Trophies must be returned to the league office fully engraved before the league sanctioned super bowl party.
5-01-06  Changes, modifications and innovations to the trophies are allowed with proper league majority approval.
5-01-06 The regular season high score will recieve a football with the TMB logo to simbolize the achievement.
5-02  Responsibilities of Rhoda Bowl Champ
5-02-01 The Rhoda Bowl Champ will take the lead as the toilet bowl punisher.
5-02-02 Rhoda Bowl Champ will care for and love "the Rhoda"
5-03 Toilet Bowl Bitch
5-03-01 The TBB must prominently display the toilet bowl trophy in their home or place of primary business. If neither is possible due to homelessness and loss of job because everyone just found out your a TBB then the league will approve an acceptable location.
5-03-02 During the award ceremony at the League super bowl party the TBB will consume the warm bitch beer of "The Rhoda Bowl Champs" choosing that has been kept at room temp.
5-03-03 Any league gathering (4 league members + TBB) the TBB Must wear the official toilet bowl bitch jersey
5-03-04 Under no circumstances shall the TBB Jersey be washed
5-03-04 the TBB must comply with any and all reasonable and legal request by a league member.
5-03-04 Who the fuck am I kidding, TBB must comply with all requests, reasonable or not.
5-03-05  Failure of the TBB to uphold the responsibilities will be reviewed in disciplinary hearing (see below) and may result in fines/additional punishments up to and including removal from league.

Chapter 6 - Side Bets

6-01-01 Side bets as stated in 1-02-07 shall be managed and officiated by the SBC.
6-01-02 A side bet may take place between 2 or more teams, terms and any conditions must be made clear and be approved by the SBC.
6-01-03  Once a side bet has been officially sanctioned by the SBC it cannot be undone.
6-01-04  The conditions set forth in the side bet for the loser must be fulfilled in a timely manner. One week from the conclusion of the side bet unless otherwise arranged with and approved by the SBC.
6-01-05 **REPEALLED IN 2019**  In addition to fulfilling the losing side of the wager, a $5 losers fee must be deposited into the dynasty fund.
6-01-06 **ADDED PRIOR TO 2017 Season** - See Amendments
6-01-07 All sidebets must be submitted to the SBC via [email protected] for review and approval. Once approved the open sidebets will be displayed in the League Dashboard of If its not on TMB it didnt happen.

Chapter 7 - Fines and Disciplinary Action

7-01-01 The officers may be asked to conduct a review of a league members actions, a complaint, or a rules violation. During these reviews the officers may only make recommendations to the league and any decision, penalty, or fine must be approved with proper league majority approval.

7-01-02 Fines will be directed into the Dynasty fund unless otherwise decided by league decision.

Chapter 8 - OLA's and Events

8-01-01 OLA's or Official League Activities are league organized events with the goal of getting the league together for excessive drinking, gambling, trash talking, and the betterment/improvement of the league. These are not mandatory but attendance is encouraged.

8-01-02 Super bowl and Draft will be scheduled by the league several months in advance according to 01-02-04 to allow for proper scheduling/time off requests ect.

8-01-03 Standard Schedule would include an anticipated draft date near the end of Aug, Super Bowl party, and at least one off season activity. AKA the big 3

Chapter 9 - The Message Board

9-01-01 The url is property of the Finest Fantasy Football league and for league use only.

9-01-02 Each league member will receive access. Access/login info should not be shared with non league members.

9-01-03  Upon too much shit being smeared and with proper league majority approval, a around the horn style mute feature is in place to allow the offender to read but not respond to posts. Pretty much the equivalent of being held down and beaten.

9-01-04  The Message Board will be maintained and moderated by the Commish in accordance to 1-02-04

9-2 Archives, HOF Posts & Smears

9-02-01 The Commish will also maintain the Archives and League Records pages of the website.

9-02-02 HOF posts are voted on by the league and will remain forever enshrined next to record holders and Rhoda Bowl Champs

9-02-03 Smears will be dealt with accordingly.

9-3 YouTube

9-03-01  An official league YouTube playlist has been created and any league member may add to it via the home page of the message board.

9-4 Online Monetization   

9-04-01 Youtube and are currently being monetized with google AdSense and any revenue generated will be deposited in the Dynasty Fund and is property of the Finest Fantasy Football League

9-5 League Voting

9-05-01 Occasionally the league may need to take a vote on a variety of issues. When this needs to happen voting may take place on the message board and will be initiated by one of the league officers.

9-05-02 Voting will have a specific window of time to be completed and cannot be revisited once it has passed.

Chapter 10 - Amending The Constitution

10-01-01 This constitution shall be considered the law of the league but may be amended to stay viable with proper league majority approval.

10-01-02 Amendments will be proposed to the league at the draft. Amendments may be proposed during the season but may only take effect in the off season.

Chapter 11 - Amendments

Amendment to 3-01-08 - Beginning in 2017 Kickers shall be penalized 1 point for a missed FG or PAT.

Amendment to 4-02-01 - Beginning in 2017 a 6 man playoff / 4 team toilet bowl format shall be used. Top 2 seeds will receive 1st round byes. 4 teams that miss the playoffs will be in the toilet bowl.

Amendment to 4-04-01 - Beginning in 2017 the 4 remaining teams in the Toilet Bowl will enter a free for all in a 3 week toilet bowl format. Under this format at the end of each toilet bowl week the high scoring team will be "Safe" and the remaining teams will continue until there is 1 team left. Last turd in the bucket will be the Toilet Bowl Bitch for the year.

Amendment to add 6-01-06 - Rivalry Week. This shall be a designated week where a side bet is mandatory  between opponents. Bets must be submitted to SBC prior to Thursday Night Kickoff and conform to all previously stated side bet requirements.