Fuck Bryson DeChambeau

Fuck you, Bryson Dechambeau.

I have made a point over the past few months to avoid the self appointed tour genius when it comes to DFS lineups out of pure spite.  The only golfers that can rival the hatred for DeChambeau are Patrick Reed and Sergio Garcia.

Well, against my better judgement, I picked him up this week.  How does he repay me?  42% driving accuracy.  61% GIR.  -3.696 shots gained putting.  NEGATIVE THREE POINT SIX NINE SIX!!!!  Sheldon Cooper Jr. is out here LOSING 4 shots, just on the green alone!!!  Sanghyun Park is in dead last and even he is only a -1.784.

Hopefully you spend the night studying the air density in Mexico and remember to put your protractor in the bag for tomorrow so maybe you can play well enough to break even on the greens.  That or pull the fucking pin!!  Leaving the pin in is for drunks on the local muni trying to finish 18 holes on their lunch break.

Fuck Bryson Dechambeau.

PS – cut your wedges and play the game the way it should be.

PPS – Fuck Bryson DeChambeau