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 NFL Picks, League Analysis, and Semi-Coherent Commentary...Usually Made With Beer In Hand

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TMB Sports Picks Crew

Three guys who get together weekly, drink a few beers, and throw picks. We help you find the value in games and look past the number to find some action on just about any game. Be sure to  follow us on twitter, TikTok and subscribe to the Podcast for a weekly walk down the betting lines. Hosted by Chris, Stoddart, and Schwab with guest appearances from other fellow league members.

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Daily Picks

Picks will be posted daily and will be free (for now). Picks will be shared here on the site first before going out on social. All picks are to win 1u, no PODs, POY, or MAX PLAYS. Just consistent winners!

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We make and sell sports and fantasy inspired merch. Help us to keep our picks free and check out our store.

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Want to see how our picks have been before tailing? All bets are tracked on the Action Network App, Username @TMBBETS . No tricks, no bullshit, just consistent plays daily.

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Throwin' Picks Podcast

Semi Regular podcast during the NFL season breaking down the full slate of games with analysis from Chris, Schwab and Stoddart. Sides, totals, props and matchups are evaluated and discussed. Beer, debate and sidebets are in abundance on the Throwin' Picks Pod.

TMB Sports on TikTok

We're on TikTok too. One of the many places we post our picks as well as exclusive videos from around "The League". Once we get to 1000 followers we will be able to go "LIVE" with our podcast and bring the info to the internet in real time.

Pick Analysis

The OG Blog. Breaking down games, sharing our analysis and sharing some additional insight of finding value in the sports betting market on a daily basis.

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