Throwin’ Picks – Basketball Edition

In addition to the weekly “Throwin’ Picks” blog with football picks, there will also be a blog to guide those basketball gamblers.  Keep an eye out for a new page designated to basketball picks.

The plan will be to have a new blog each day suggesting my favorite picks on that nights games, both NBA and NCAA, with a brief explanation as to why.  Lines will be used using as the source.  A running total for the season will also be updated in the blog to show that I should be your #1 source when it comes to betting a basketball game.

Suggested bets will be placed using “units”.  A unit is to be determined by the individual placing the bet.  (i.e. 1 unit = $5 or 1 unit =$20)  The goal is to be at least 150-200 units up at the end of the NBA regular season.  For example, up 200 units using $10/unit would be a return of $2000.

In the coming days I will put out a blog listing who I feel will win NBA Divisions and NCAA Conferences.  Once the season officially kicks off is when we will get into the real meat of this blog.

Stay tuned, and lucky betting!