Super Bowl Props

Hello friends, and welcome to the biggest betting weekend of the year!

Super Bowl weekend, where we not only drink irresponsibly but gamble irresponsibly as well.

Since there are literally thousands of different props rolling for the game consider the comment section of this post as your “Digital Whiteboard”.

Post the picks or props you find, the current odds and what book or site you found them on.

If anyone is using realsports there is a 15% reload bonus going on until kickoff that will be given as freeplay. You can use it as many times as you deposit. Also there is a $100 referral bonus that gets paid on the first transaction of your referral.

So remember, there is no I in team, but there is a U in cunt…. so don’t be a cunt and hoard your picks.

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  1. New & Improved Commish Post author

    Bengals tt o21.5 – realsports

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