Intro to Pickin’ Ponies

Life without sports during the biggest gambling month of the year has sent bettors in all directions in their search for action. Some have turned to day trading in the stock market. Others have looked to E Sports or marble racing. But I along with several others have turned to the track. I have dabbled with the ponies in the past and know just enough to win a little and just as quickly dump it all back trying to string together some elaborate "can't lose" series of bets that always seems to see some 30/1 long shot sneak into the mix and bust up what would otherwise be a perfect trifecta.

What's great about playin' the ponies is that it is legal and you can make deposits and same-day withdrawals right to your PayPal account. A quick google search will explain why horse racing is different from other types of online gambling so if you care google away, otherwise fire away.

I made my deposit on Twinspires and in a matter of seconds, I have my first pick scribbled in. My system will make anyone who actually knows how to read a program sick and it is sure to be a cautionary tale on how NOT to bet on horses. I will record my bets race by race with a brief explanation of why I picked what I picked. Again, this won't be pretty.

But without sports on there is nothing better to do so here it goes....

I have found the less research I do the better off I am. I have a very basic understanding of the racing program and base almost 100% of my decision based on the "angles" on the top of the page. I look at what horses show up the most on the 4 main "Angles", Top Picks, Top Speed, Top Class, and Top Pace. Then I see what fancy symbols show up next to the horse's name. Example, is there a hot jockey, is it a horse for the course, is there a hot trainer, ect. The more symbols the better chance it ends up on my card.

I use the following bet structure. Guys, I can't say this enough, I'm sure this isn't optimal, efficient, or even the right way to do this but I made money yesterday so technically that makes me an expert right. Just kidding. This is the definition of BAD ADVICE.  I make varying combinations of the following bets.

Exacta Box - (usually 3 horses)

Trifecta Box - (I put in 3 to 4 horses here depending on the field)

Superfecta Box - (4 to 5 horses here)

Sometimes I use all 3 bet types, others I'll just do Exactas and Supers. Sometimes just Exactas, whatever the gut calls for. I can't say this enough...I'm almost certain this is not going to work for more than a day or two and this is not good advice. Don't follow it. Learn to read a program yourself, learn horse and track history, or ..... crack a beer and pick a horse based on how much swagger it appears to have walking around in warmups.

The following series of posts will last for as long as I have money in my Twinspires account. If you would like to sign up for Twinspires use the following referral link, and I'll get a free bet will be put in both our accounts.

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I'll make a new post for each race under the category "Pickin Ponies" and track my +/- on the particular race with a running total. Over/under before the posts stop and I'm at triple zeros is set at 3.5 posts.