NBA Week 1 Eye-catchers

Much like the Throwin’ Picks blog each week, this will be a weekly post about what games are appealing to me on the betting front.  Since basketball lines aren’t usually out more than 24 hours before game time, I will list a line I would feel confident betting on the games.  If the line is equal, or better, than my “Confidence line”, you can just go ahead a place the bet right then and there.

OCT 16

Bos (-4.5, 210) vs. Phi

Gordon Hayward coming back with have something to prove that there was a reason him going to Boston was a big deal.  I’ve seen some people downplay his significance due to the season they had without him.  55 wins without Hayward and Kyrie only playing 3/4 a season.  Now back at full strength, expect them to come out with purpose.  Philly will be there in the end, but at this point I still don’t trust them until seeing Fultz or Simmons make a shot from more than 7 feet away.  Embiid is great, but still needs space to work.

Bos -4.5

GS (-13, 222) vs. OKC

Don’t pretend like KD still doesn’t turn it to another level against OKC.  Even if he doesn’t have an issue with the organization, he still matches Westbrook who turns it up 5x against his former teammate.  Golden State might score 120 themselves.  OKC will have a smoother offense now without ball-stopper Carmelo on the floor.

GS o222

OCT 17

Cha vs. Mil (-2, 217)

These two teams split the season series last year at 2-2.  Each team winning twice at home.  Giannis is still improving his jumper, making 4-10 3s in the preseason.  If he adds that to his game, he may be the next unstoppable player.  The way the entire team has been scoring in the preseason, I don’t see the Hornets having enough firepower to keep up with them.

Mil -2

Orl vs. Mia (-2.5, 210.5)

Miami isn’t great, but IMO, Orlando might be historically bad this year.  I would have felt fine gettin on Miami at 7 points in this one.  At -2.5, take your money and run.

Mia -2.5

OCT 18

Phi vs. Chi

Lavine back to full strength, but I don’t think that’s enough for the Bulls to match the athleticism and energy of the 6ers.

Confidence line – Phi -5.5, 214

Por. vs LAL

LeBron first real game in a Lakers uniform.  They will be more talented at every position on the floor, except PG.  The amount of playmakers they have can negate that.  The way Rondo punked Lillard in the postseason last year, look for him to pick up right where he left off.

Confidence line – LAL -6.5

OCT 19

Min vs. Cle

Even with all the drama, Butler has said it will be all business every time he steps on the floor.  If that’s the case, I think Minnesota has too much talent for the Cavs.  This, of course, is all on paper.  How the Wolves play in the opener against the Spurs could change my mind on this one, but right now, I still like Minnesota

Confidence line – Min -2.5

Utah vs. GS

Typically, I’m all about the over.  Even more so in a game involving the Warriors.  But, if I bet the under, it’s usually with Utah 90% of the time.

Confidence line – u224

OCT 20

NY vs. Bos – Phi vs. Orl – Ind vs. Brooklyn

If any of these game have a spread of single digits, expect heavy action.

Confidence line – Bos/Phi/Ind all -10

LAL vs. Hou

First game in LA.  Against his buddies CP3 and Melo.  Expect a show from LeBron and Co.  Combine that with Houston’s offensive ability and you have a game with a million points.

Confidence line – o227


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