NBA Preseason Power Rankings

Western Conference

  1. Warriors – Really a question?  The might win 83 regular season games….
  2. Rockets – Loss of Ariza outweighs the addition of Melo, but still enough firepower to outscore opponents
  3. Lakers – Improved the 2nd half of the season and look for Josh Hart to build the confidence from Summer League into an expanded role this year.  Oh…and LeBron.
  4. Thunder – Addition of Dennis Schroeder will add some consistency to the 2nd unit.
  5. Jazz – Mitchell won’t surprise anyone, and look for Joe Ingels to continue is steady uptick as a player in the league.
  6. Blazers – Lillard/McCollum still around, and keep an eye on 2nd year Zach Collins
  7. Spurs – Lower than most years, but the Pop-effect is still a thing
  8. Wolves – Talent to be 6, teamwork to be 14. 
  9. Pelicans – Is AD enough to carry them to the playoffs?
  10. Nuggets – Lot of steady players, the Joker is just missing a top tier henchman
  11. Mavs – Can Doncic live up to the hype?  Going to need him to.
  12. Clippers – Who’s going to help Lou Williams score?
  13. Kings – Talent is there.  Check back when they can all get in a bar.
  14. Suns – Drafted Ayton was enough to get them out of the basement, but just barely.
  15. Grizzlies – Marc Gasol can only do so much, especially in the twilight of his career.

Eastern Conference

  1. Celtics – Losing Hayward help Brown and Tatum develop.  Most skill, and deepest team in the East.
  2. Sixers – Embiid is an MVP candidate.  Saric will continue to be one of the most underrated players in the league while putting up 15 PPG.
  3. Wizards – Can Howard go back a few years and be an upgrade from Gortat?  Rivers adds much needed offense to the 2nd unit.
  4. Raptors – Post-injury Kawhi without a HOF coach.  Not sure that replaces DeRozan
  5. Pacers – Will Oladipo take another step?  Or was last year a flash in the pan?
  6. Bucks – A lot of good young talent surrounding Giannis, who keeps getting better each year.
  7. Heat – Decent role players.  Good enough to get a playoffs spot in the even weaker East.
  8. Cavs – No LeBron, but still a lot of pieces from the reigning EC champs.  Sexton is the playmaking PG LeBron wanted all those years.
  9. Bulls – LaVine is back to full strength.  They will like to get out and run, can they score enough to cover the poor defense?
  10. Hornets – Hopefully Bridges is enough to help Kemba.  If not, look for him to look elsewhere in Free Agency next summer
  11. Pistons – Is Blake Griffen enough to make a run in the East?  I don’t think so. 
  12. Knicks – Please get the unicorn some help.
  13. Hawks – Trae Young thought he had to do it alone in college.  Even if he allows John Collins to help, the ATL is in for a long season. 
  14. Nets – Jarrett Allen has promise… a role player.  20 wins might be a good season.
  15. Magic – Good bigs with a lot of potential, too bad they don’t have any guards who can get them the ball.