March Sadness Bracket 1 , Round 1

With March Madness (and all of sports for that matter) canceled on account of the Corona Virus we at TMB needed to get our bracket fix we did. We have created a bracket of the Top TV Shows of All Time. Keep in mind we are a bunch of 30 somethings who treat fantasy football as a religion and watch entirely too much sports. Therefore the field of 64 is probably unconventional and is sure to upset more than a few with the seeding as well as the omissions....But we wouldnt need a bracket if everyone could agree.

If you haven't already head over to the Bracket Page, register for a free account quick on Challonge and you will be set. We will most likely be doing these to fill the void in our lives until real sports come back so until then this will just have to do. Each round lasts a day, then on Selection Sunday we will load up and do it all over again.

My Notable Round 1 Matchups

New Girl V Community

This is an early tough matchup between two sitcoms that would probably be advancing to the 2nd round quite easily. Both are light-hearted enough, funny and have a cult-like following. I really did enjoy both shows but someone had to lose and for me, the scales tipped towards Jess and the boys. Really the only thing I didn't like about community was the singing episodes....I literally skipped them. I couldn't find that with New Girl and someone had to lose, so New Girl it was for me.

Star Trek  V  Arrow

Total Stinker Alert for me here. Im sure some Trekkies will summon the force or whatever it is they do on that show and get me blasted to never-never land but neither of these shows did it for me. If I could have picked both to lose I would have. I honestly can't remember which one I picked but it doesn't matter, either one is going to get crushed by Seinfeld in the next round anyway.....Moving On

Workaholics Vs Narcos

Well...a show about distributing drugs and a show about doing drugs....interesting. I liked both shows, but when I sit back to enjoy some TV the last thing I want to do is read a novel. Narcos was a neverending subtitle. I get that it makes the show more authentic but the subtitles are what I think keeps it out of Round 2.


Round 2 will start tomorrow at 9am



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