Guide to betting college football

Everyone loves to bet on football.  NFL gets all the love, but the real ones don’t forget about their little brothers in college.  In all my years of betting on college football, one constant has always remained and it has always been guaranteed money.   Might as well just go buy a printing press and start making your own Benjamin’s.


Lucky for you guys, I’m hear to tell you what it is.  Just follow these simple steps.

Step 1 – Look for Kansas on the schedule.   If they aren’t playing, move on to your next bet.  If they are, go to step 2.

Step 2 – Bet the opponent to cover.  Always.  Don’t even look at the number.  If, due to some glitch in the matrix, they are somehow favored…double the bet.

Right now, they are scheduled to play West Virginia on Saturday morning at 11 AM CT.  Currently line (doesn’t matter) is UWV -22.5 with an O/U 51.5.  First half line -13, O/U 27.5.  West Virginia TT 37.5 and 1H TT is 20.5.

Hammer them!  All of them!  If you have a car, sell it and upgrade on Monday.  It doesn’t even matter than the ole madhatter, Les Miles, has covid and their (for now) starting QB isn’t playing.  Bet it all.

Hopefully you get on this line before in jumps to the goddamn moon.

Place your bets.  Watch the game.  Buy your own island by 3 PM.  Repeat next week.