First League Member to Test Positive For Corona

Who Will Test Positive First

Mike - 1000
Sombke - 200
Schwab +175
Stoddart +300
Austin +300
Chris +400
Matt +500
Jackson +1000
Fng +750
No One +2500
Engh +5000

Mike  -1000

Let's be honest. Mike works in a hospital....working with people who cant the county that has the most positive tests in the state. Mike is literally on the front line of this thing in the state of ND and it's not if but when he will get the bug. Hat tip for the work Mike but you're the fastest horse in this race.

Sombke  -250

Sombke being down in Nebraska and hanging hospitals distracting the real doctors is not far behind. Plus word on the street is one of the people he was in surgery with had the bug. Sombke, you're -250 and rising.

Schwab  +175

Schwab lives in Burleigh County which seems to be turning out more positive cases per day than beers we drink during the Draft. Normally I would say that Schwab would either be sitting by himself eating sunflower seeds and chicken nuggets with no sauce so he is as isolated as possible but he lives with Mill who's a man nurse and spends his day getting coughed and drooled on. I feel comfortable with him at a +175


Stoddart +300

Stoddart is living in Fargo with more Somalians and what not living there in the highest populated city in North Dakota. Also, not sure is Scheels still has him flying all over the county but even a private flight won't save you from this thing. And even if he is grounded and staying in Fargo rumor has it that Scheels will still make him come into work to get coughed on. +300 for Stoddart.

Chris +350

At the time of this post there are 3 confirmed cases in Devils Lake and im sure thats going up. This is DL we are talking about here...enough said. Plus I'm still going to work, doing real estate showings and selling cars talking to and getting coughed on by god knows who.

Austin  +400

Austin works with old people. Old people in Burleigh county. But he isn't at as much risk as the other Bismarck boys, he'll probably just stay in his basement watching Twitch and reading Harry Potter. There might be another prop on if he even knows there is a Corona Virus.

Matt +500

Matt lives in the middle of nowhere....Montana. But Billings is still close enough to get coughed on from Washington and Scheels will be as stubborn shutting down stores and dealerships are. This one is a wild card and could move up or down quite a bit as more info becomes available.


FNG  +750

Minnesota is on a shelter in place order and is locked down tighter than Joe Exotics jail cell. Scheels will still make him go to work so he'll be out in public. But honestly, I might be off on this one. With FNGs luck he's probably already infected and these props are already dead.

Jackson  +1000

Jackson is livin' that Colorado lifestyle and there is enough "Herbal Remedies" in the air to kill just about anything. Secondary prop coming to when we all get an "inadvertent Snapchat" of Jackson "Fighting the Virus" just like proxy Matt.

Noone Gets It +2500

I mean it could happen right? It's unlikely but it's got to be an option.

Engh +5000

Engh is living in the capitol of the Middle of Nowhere, lives by himself, and can't drink or go anywhere besides work (not that there is anywhere to go is Stanley anyways). Honestly, this might not be a long enough shot at +5000.