Stoddart vs Engh Steelers win = 12 year bottle for RBC Can be upgraded to 15 year with a win and o5.5 sacks Bengals win = 15 year bottle for …

Official Beer of The League

Stoddart vs Schwab Week 4 loser buys the 3 cases of ice cold Bud Light (official beer of The Leauge) that are owed from The Throwin Picks podcast recorded prior …

Week 3 Dan vs sombke

9/27/20 Dan vs sombke Loser to bet 50 on black in Vegas. Ps. use sombkes email signature irresponsibly Andrew Sombke *Depuy Synthes Mitek Sports Medicine* 605-216-8786 (Cell) 888-337-0261 (Fax)


Week 3 matchup winner between FNG and TBB. Winner gets to make any bet up to $50 at the sportsbook in Vegas at next years draft.

Bud Light Picks Week 3

Schwab vs Stoddart Each bet worth 1 case of Ice Cold Bud Light (official beer of TMB) at the next League event. 1. Stoddart: Both Goedart and Ertz over 80 …

Matt vs FNG

Winner of this week’s match-up gets a bottle of their choice purchased by the loser at the vegas draft next year. If Matt wins he gets a bottle of Patron …

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Bitch vs Schwab Greg the Leg vs Tucker total 2020 fantasy points Loser goes Shotgun-(shot of winners choice)-Shotgun at next league event