Betting on the Oscars: A guide from a casual fan

Disclaimer:  The lines on the betting are subject to change.  Also these are suggestions………if you lose it’s not my fault you listened to someone who doesn’t do this as his full time job.  I’m using Bovada as my site for the odds.


It’s that time of year again.  When there is no NFL football (I still haven’t gotten myself to watch an AAF game), March Madness is around the corner, and the NBA is just kind of there.  So what is there to bet on?  Well as a degenerate gambler and a movie enthusiast, we have the Oscars.  Where we glamorize overpaid good looking people…..Except for you Rami Malek….you just look dumb.  It’s been quite the year for movie goers.  We had a kick ass Avengers movie that made a shit load of money.  We had “A Star is Born” which I will honestly say blew me away.  And we had a biopic about one of my favorite bands of all time, which ended up being a steaming pile of well……we all know where I am going with this.

Unlike the actual Oscars…which is generally about 3 hours long and is essentially hollywood just stroking their egos.  I am only going to hit on the main 6 categories which include, best picture, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, and best director.   Let’s talk money.


Best Picture

Odds To Win Best Picture

2/24/196:59 PM




Favorite:   Roma… the academy really going to let a Netflix film win this category?  I think not…….There was a lot of backlash at film festivals not letting this film in because of it being a Netflix film.  It ended up winning at the Venice film festival, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Best Picture lock.

My Pick:  Seeing ” A Star is Born” sitting there as a +3000 underdog is a very sexy pick.  A simple $10 bet would win you $300.  This movie was fantastic and the critics loved it.  The only thing to me holding it back is originality since it’s been remade…….4 times……..But none of them have ever won for Best Picture.  Is this the version that wins?  I think so.

Best Actor


Odds To Win Best Actor

2/24/197:00 PM




Favorite:  Bullshit….Bullshit…..Bullshit….No way does Rami Malek win Best Actor.  This guy didn’t even sing in the movie!!!! He used a mix of Freddie Mercury and a YouTube singer……..BULLSHIT!!!!!  The only way that I’d give this award to him is he went straight method actor and actually contracted AIDs and died…..sorry that was a little extreme, but you understand how frustrating this is.

My Pick:  Say what you will, but what Bradley Cooper did is amazing.  That man can sing, act, and direct?  Sign me up.  I love this bet especially since the Academy snubbed him on a Best Director nod.  I feel like this is going to be a gimme for the Brad.  He also has never won before despite being nominated for American Sniper (he’s had a few nominations for supporting actor and again no wins there).  To be fair he was never going to win for American Sniper.  That year had Michael Keaton written all over it for Birdman…….oh wait……Eddie Redmayne won for playing Stephen Hawking???  Are you fucking kidding me?  I am going to save this rant for a later date, but let me tell you I was so pissed.  $10 bet here gets you $140…..count me in.

Best Actress

Odds To Win Best Actress

2/24/197:00 PM



     Favorite:  Glen Close Is almost a lock to me for this one.  She has been acting since the dawn of time and she’s never won an oscar?  The Academy feels bad for her on this one……But if there is anyone that can beat her…..

     My Pick:  Melissa McCarthy at +5000 is something I have to try.  Wait…..What????…..I didn’t pick Lady Gaga from a Star is Born?  She was incredible don’t get me wrong.  I can’t see the Academy giving an award to a girl who’s acting credits include Sin City and Machete Kills.  I’m going with Melissa because I have seen crazier shit happen.  She is getting a lot of buzz for this movie and if she wins you will see a huge theatrical run.  And for a measly $10 bet you can win $500…..Why not?

Best Supporting Actor


Odds To Win Best Supporting Actor

2/24/197:00 PM




Favorite:  I also think this category is a lock.  Mahershala Ali is no stranger to winning Oscars.  He won for Moonlight back in 2017.  This dude is just awesome and if you’ve watched True Detective season 3… know he can act.

My Pick:  To be honest I’ll probably stay away from this one.  Again this just seems like a lock.  Congrats Mahershala…….you get this one.

Best Supporting Actress

Odds To Win Best Supporting Actress

2/24/197:00 PM




Favorite:  Regina King…….A lot of buzz from this movie from Barry Jenkins who last directed Moonlight, which won for best picture and best director……The revealing of them winning best picture might be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.  This was the year where Warren Beatty grabbed the wrong envelope and announced that La La Land had won best picture.  Well chaos ensued and we find out moments later…..after the La La Land team came on stage and started their speech…..that Moonlight actually won.  I still can’t believe that happened.  How do you fuck that up?  How hard is it to grab the right envelope?

My Pick:  Amy Adams has been nominated 6 oscars including this one and has never won.  She is an amazing actress and not to mention… absolute smoke show.  I am still baffled to this day how Jim dumped her on the booze cruise in season 2 of the Office.  SHE LOVED YOU JIM!!!!  And what did Pam give you?  The run around for 3 full seasons….and then after you finally get married and have 2 kids.  She becomes lame and is kind of a snob.  YOU COULD OF HAD AMY ADAMS!!!!!  You could have been a branch manager and she could just keep selling purses.  Sorry for that rant………Amy Adams at +300 isn’t much of a win but a $10 bet gets you $30.  So take your $30 dollars and shut up.

Best Director

Odds To Win Best Director

2/24/197:00 PM



Favorite:  Alfonso Cuaron comes out as the heavy favorite for making his passion project.  Unlike Vincent Chase and his passion project, Medellin, this film is actually well received and will win some awards.  While he is the favorite, I truly don’t believe that he will win this category because of a certain person in this mix……Spike Lee.

My Pick:  Spike Lee……IT HAS TO BE SPIKE LEE!!!!!  He has never been nominated for best director despite having some fantastic movies.  How the 25th hour didn’t get nominated for any oscars still blows my mind.  This award shouldn’t be called “Oscar for achievement in directing”.  It should be called “Oscar for hey Spike we’re really sorry for fist fucking you for all these years despite making 25th Hour and Do the Right Thing”.  I can’t wait to hear his acceptance speech after winning this one.  I’m putting $20 down to win $110 on this one.