Are Vegas Bookmakers Targeting Nike After Zion Injury?

Don’t fuck with the take…if you fuck with the take then the boys behind the boys in Vegas will take note.

casino mob bosses


And if some of the classic mob movies like Casino and Goodfellas have taught us anything it’s that it doesn’t matter if it was intentional or not, guilty is guilty and you will be punished.

To get to the point Vegas clearly feels wronged by the complete failure of Nike when their shoe failed Zion Williamson and send him to the locker room after only 36 seconds of last nights Tobacco Road Rivalry Game. If you didn’t see it just watch as Zions shoe gives out and he tweaks his knee.


The second Zion went back to the locker room everyone that was holding a UND +9.5 Ticket (including myself) put the money into our pocket and taking it out of the pockets of our Vegas friends. Who’s the boss going to blame? Nike, plain and simple.

Already this morning Nike Stock has dropped in premarket trading and continue to do so as the morning moves on. Will the share price recover? Absolutely, this is nothing more than a message from the bosses to Nike to show them that not even they are untouchable and if they don’t make it right then all hell will break loose.