Throwin' Picks

            NFL Picks, League Analysis, and Semi-Coherent Commentary...Usually Made With Beer In Hand

Three guys who get together weekly, drink a few beers, and throw picks. We help you find the value in games and look past the number to find some action on just about any game. Be sure to subscribe to find us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and subscribe to the Podcast for a weekly walk down the betting lines. Hosted by Chris, Stoddart, and Schwab with guest appearances from other fellow league members.

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  • Throwin Picks Week 5
    TMB Sports throws some picks for NFL Week 5 --- Support this podcast:
  • Throwin Picks Week 4
    TMB Sports breaks down NFL Week 4 action --- Support this podcast:
  • Throwin Picks Week 3
    After a year off, and some technical difficulties for the first two weeks. TMB Sports is back!!! Stoddart, Schwab, and Chris throw their best picks for the Week 3 slate. --- Support this podcast:
  • Week 6 Thursday Night Football
    Thursday Night Football between the Bucs and Eagles --- Support this podcast:
  • Week 5 Thursday Night Football
    NFL Week 5 Thursday Night Football. Chris and Schwab talk about the division matchup between the LA Rams and Seattle Seahawks. --- Support this podcast: